Scarlet Fever

Scarlet fever is an infectious disease most common to children ages 4-8. It is a rash that comes along with sore throat and high fever. The main symptom for scarlet fever is the rash that starts on the chest and abdomen and will eventually spread all over the body. It would normally look like sunburn and it will be itchy. This fever may last for about five days, the rashes will eventually fade after a week or so.


Sore throat, rash, high fever, red tongue (strawberry shade)


When the child is completely uncomfortable, it is best to go and see a doctor who would be able to explain what to do and the proper care. Antibiotics would do the trick. It would kill the bacteria that causes the throat infection. It should be taken for the days that the child is feeling pain in the throat. If the child is 3 years or below, it is advisable to get treatment from professionals.