A normal kid would have chicken pox which is a highly infectious illness, when you get it as a child, it is normally the mildest. Once you’ve had it, you’re not gonna catch it again because your body will now be immune because your body would have produced anti bodies. It usually starts skin rashes mainly on the body and head. It will become itchy and raw pockmarks would appear. It will not leave any marks/scars unless it is overly scratched. A child with chicken pox would also have fever and headache. In some cases, sore throat would also occur and even profuse sweating. Do not worry, this is normal and it goes away within 10 days.

This disease is transmitted from person to person but vaccination would do the trick. There is no real cure for this disease but resting and always being hydrated. If in case the fever doesn’t go away after 10 days, it is advisable to see a doctor and ask for help.